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Inspiration: Fur trend

fur pockets trend 15-16

Fur is one of the biggest trends for coming season Autumn-Winter 2015-16. Fur was literally everywhere.

So if you happen to have an old fur coat that is not possible to wear any longer, you can cut it in pieces and make a fur stole, a muff, sleeves, cuffs, collar, pockets, hem trim or a bag. Trendy and environment friendly ;p

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Inspiration: sweaters — refashion, makeover, upcycle

sweaters refashion

I collected a few ideas of to refashion old sweaters. I'm definetelly going to put some of them into action.

Я собрала подборку идей, как можно обновить старый свитер и определенно собираюсь претворить в жизнь некторые из них.


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Inspiration: Ponchos and blanket coats

ponchos blanket coat

It's been a bumper year for trends I love. Here is another one I'm obsessed with  - ponchos and blanket coats.Not only...

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Inspiration: Embellishment

embellishment trend inspiration

I noticed this embellishment trend for a couple of years ago and I thought it wouldn't last more than two seasons, but it's still here. So I'm going to swing into the moving train and make something of these. The problem is that I can't decide what to embellish... a shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of shoes or pants... or just begin with socks? 

Я заметила этот...

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Inspiration: DIY summer bags

diy summer bags

Hi everyone! Summer is already on its way to Sweden. Hope there will be more sunny days than rainy! Because quite often summer here can be described like this:

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Inspiration: plaid, tartan, check


Hi everyone!
This season the fashion world went crazy about plaid.

Всем привет! В этом сезоне мир сошел с ума от клетки.

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Inspiration: DIY bags

CharlotteOlympia_Fairy TalesBags_2

Hi everyone!

As you know bags and shoes are perfect to express our style personalities. They can lift a look up or break it if chosen wrong. I found a few bags that inspire me for a DIY, but not all of them are going to be done. Nowadays before starting new DIY project I ask myself if it fits to my style personality, do I have a complete outfit to wear it with, will I wear it (where)?

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