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Inspiration: Fur trend

fur pockets trend 15-16

Fur is one of the biggest trends for coming season Autumn-Winter 2015-16. Fur was literally everywhere.

So if you happen to have an old fur coat that is not possible to wear any longer, you can cut it in pieces and make a fur stole, a muff, sleeves, cuffs, collar, pockets, hem trim or a bag. Trendy and environment friendly ;p

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Trends: «Barely there makeup» spring summer 14


I was pleasantly impressed by how many designers showed natural makeup on their models for this ss14 season.

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Inspiration: plaid, tartan, check


Hi everyone!
This season the fashion world went crazy about plaid.

Всем привет! В этом сезоне мир сошел с ума от клетки.

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Style Personality — City chic

city chic style personality

City chic Style Personality explained by Colour me Beautifull:

You enjoy your clothes but are not fanatical about them. You dedicate time and thought to the way you look, and you love accessories, sometimes spending more on bags and shoes than on outfit itself. Having probably tried out most of the other key styles and experimented with lots of different looks, you now know what suits you.

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Style Personality — Natural

Natural Style Personality

According to Colour Me Beautiful you more likely have Natural Style Personality if:

— Feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important  factor for you when choosing what to wear. Anything that constricts, digs in or pinches is not an option. You prefer casual styling to formal business wear and you hate a cluttered look — simple lines and designs are more you. In keeping with your no-fuss attitude, clothes must be easy-care and ideally non-iron.

— Your wardrobe ...

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Style Personality — Classic

Classic style personality

According to Colour Me Beautiful you have Classic Style Personality if:

— You have a fairly formal wardrobe. You like to appear well turned out and elegant, and your tops are usually tucked in. You are quite content to keep to the same hairstyle, and hate it when your hairdresser moves away. Your make up routine is fixed and you rarely experiment with new shades. You have a few favourite stores that you visit when you need clothes. You plan your shopping trips and take a list.

— You...

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Style personality — Romantic

Romantic style personality

Romantic Style Personality according to Colour Me Beautiful where I studied.

You love everything about shopping, dressing up and planning your wardrobe. Your clothes are pretty and you adore all sorts of details: bows, ruffles, flounces, appliques and fringes. You love to experiment with the skincare and bodycare products, and never go out without your perfume. You wil spend longer than anybody else looking after yourself and your grooming.

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Style Personality — Creative


I studied in Colour Me Beautiful (CMB) so I use their materials.

You more likely have Creative Style Personality if:

— You are great at combining different items of clothing and accessories to give yourself a unique and interesting look, and you are rarely throw anything out because you know you will use it at some point, even if it has to be remodelled. If you are not careful, though, your creative tendencies could result in your being inappropriately dressed for certain occasions.  

— You...

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Style Personalities — Dramatic


Dramatic style personality according to Colour Me Beautiful (CMB):

You always want to make an entrance. You love to be noticed and often wear clothes with a wow factor. Whatever the latest fashion, you will have a go at wearing it, even if it doesn't particularly suit you. Shopping is one of your favorite pastimes. You like to party — spending a quiet evening at home reading a book is not your scene.

— Your wardrob...

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